REVIEW: We Know You Are Home

Julie Landriault really sells the fear” The Indie Rundown Podcastpraises in our “tragic, creepy, and scary” short film “We Know You Are Home” starring Julie Landriault, The Elstons (Michelle Standen Elston), Don Lee ft. Samuel Ingram GillmoreDimitri Petkov, and Deborah Jayne Reilly Smith with FX by Alina Sauve and Tyler Matthews!

“We Know You Are Home” available at watch at

REVIEW: Tough As Nails

Directed by Isabel Estabrook


“I was pleasantly surprised to see that Julie Landriault was the female lead […] Julie and Blake worked pretty well together.”



REVIEW: We Know You Are Home

Directed by Andrew J.D. Robinson

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“…a fine performance by Julie Landriault…”

Horror Screams Video Vault

“Julie Landriault does a very decent job in her leading role and refrains from making the mistake of overacting, seeming genuinely scared for the majority of the film. Especially when making an indie short film such as this, your casting of the lead can really make or break the film, and she completely nailed it.”

Nevermore Horror

Amazing. It’s the one word that sums up We Know You Are Home. Effectively creepy, well acted and darkly twisted. This is a horror done right. Everything from the filming style to the eerie music to the fantastic acting by lead, Julie Landriault. She absolutely nails it here and in a short amount of time proves to be a better lead then many actresses in big budget horrors.

GBHL (Games, Brains and a Head-Banging Life)

Before I return to the review I would just like to mention Julie Landriault. She should win an award in her own right for her portrayal of Alice. I don’t act, but I can tell it must be very hard to act a scene when you are the only person in it and there is no other character to play off. Yet Landriault has turned this into an art. She portrays Alice as someone you would know or meet in your every day scenarios, yet she is able to express calmness then show us fear, without uttering a word. She is an actress to keep an eye out for.

Lestat Horror

This short wouldn’t be what it is without the acting of Landriault. I was quite impressed with her. We don’t get much range from her, but what we do get is fear from the beginning. It starts off as questioning why the posters are left for her, but she forgets it almost immediately as the phone call distracts her. The moment she sees the trick or treaters, I saw the terror at everything that is happening and I thought she did great at conveying that. I really hope she continues to act in the genre, because I would like to see more from her.”

David Garett’s Horror Film Review

Julie Landriault’s performance in the leading role is stellar, and she never gets lost on screen. This has to do with the script, as it’s easy to see that she believes in the story. She’s horrified about what’s happening. Her performance isn’t over the top as seen in some shorts, which makes for a welcome change.

The Horror Club

Definitely something that might give you nightmares thanks to an effective yet not overbearing directorial effort and a strong central performance.

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